Welcome to Our Inaugural Blog Post!

Hello and thank you for joining us on this new journey!

After many years in the industry, we’ve chosen to embark on a more public venture. Our aim? To share valuable insights into our work, narrate amusing anecdotes, demystify critical concepts, and sprinkle in a variety of engaging content.

But first, a brief introduction.

Who Are We?

I’m Sid, the technical lead, and at the helm of a formidable team comprising skilled full-stack developers, QA engineers, DevOps and TechOps specialists, infrastructure experts, and an unparalleled project manager.

With over two decades in the web domain, we’ve dedicated a lion’s share of our time — around 90% — to e-commerce platforms, with a special focus on Magento. Our experience spans both independent endeavors and collaborations with top-tier Magento partners, catering to diverse clients, from solo entrepreneurs to expansive enterprises. Throughout our journey, we’ve been instrumental in crafting innovative solutions tailored to specific needs.

As veterans, we’ve had a front-row seat to the evolving landscape of our industry. For instance, a decade ago, only a fraction of my time was invested in guiding businesses technically. Today, however, I find myself dedicating almost 80% of my efforts in elucidating the intricacies of our work—a testament to how perceptions and expertise have “evolved” over time.

To make thing worth, the chasm between tech aficionados and senior management continues to be widening. While it may not be ubiquitous, encountering a Senior IT Director unaware of basic terms like “code repository” is now within the realm of possibility. A decade ago, such a gap in knowledge would be inconceivable for someone in that position.

Our Mission

This blog aims to bridge this widening knowledge rift. As the guardians of your digital realm, we strive to make your online presence robust, efficient, and vibrant, all while maintaining our equilibrium. We hope to foster better understanding and communication between senior management and the IT community.

Our aspiration is simple: for decision-makers to speak tech lingo with clarity and confidence, rather than ambiguity and apprehension.

Subject of today’s blog post:
Running Projects the Right Way: Zeroing in on E-commerce Platforms & Making the Case for Magento

Before we continue – quick and absolutely relevant – and just as funny story.

A Cautionary Tale of Passion Misdirected

Let’s begin with an intriguing account about a renowned enterprise, which we’ll refer to as “Company X.”.

So in a land far far away, there’s been this “Company X.”.

Within its ranks was a mid-level manager (let’s call him Mister Y.), filled with a unique vision…

Are you intrigued by the digital adventures and mishaps of Mr. Y at Company X, or perhaps seeking comprehensive insights into adept digital platform selection for your esteemed organization?

We cordially invite you to join our forthcoming webinar, where we’ll be navigating through these topics and more, offering you exclusive insights and tactical knowledge.

Webinar Details:
Date: October 24, 2023
Registration Link: Secure Your Spot

Anticipate a session rich with case studies, expert analyses, and strategic discussion, meticulously tailored for leaders like you in the realm of senior management and executive leadership.

Your participation will be a valuable addition to our discourse, and we are eager to explore, learn, and strategize together.

Warm regards,

Hunters Team

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