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At HuntersConsult, we are a well-established IT services company specializing in comprehensive e-commerce and Magento support solutions. With our expertise and dedication, we strive to deliver exceptional services that meet your business needs.

While we pride ourselves on our technical capabilities, we are also deeply aware of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Our team has personally experienced the impact of the war, with friends and loved ones sacrificing their lives, health and well-being on the frontline.

To support those affected by the conflict, we channel a portion of our earnings towards critical resources such as armor, 4WDs, medicine, clothing, and other essentials for our brave soldiers. By partnering with us, you not only receive top-notch e-commerce support but also contribute to the noble cause of safeguarding lives and defending our nation.

Rest assured, our commitment to excellence in the e-commerce field remains unwavering. Recent events have only fueled our determination to deliver high-quality solutions promptly, ensuring the success and continuity of your business.

Together, let us stand strong and support the resilience of Ukraine.

Glory to Ukraine!

Our Work



  • ERP/CRM/OMS/WMS integrations
  • Server speed optimizations
  • Custom feeds, integrations, non-standard payment gateway/processor integrations
  • Catalog setup & configuration; cleanup & reconfiguration following the best practices
  • Advanced security monitoring, patching & server security upgrades & server configuration
  • Active business monitoring, integration monitoring, fall-over configs & auto-recovery implementation
  • Magento 1/2 implementation & upgrades, optimizations, code reviews, code cleanup
  • 24/7 world wide support & assistance
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