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HuntersConsult is a well-established IT services company offering a comprehensive package of e-commerce & magento support and the rest of good marketing words about us.

Guys. Ukraine is at war. And god knows why, russians decided that they can get away with it.

My friend lost his leg not that long ago in Bakhmut. Another friend lost his arm. One more friend - not so lucky - lost his life.

Our team is working as hard as they can to get the funds required to help the mentioned. To support the Ukrainians at the frontline.

What you spend with us - will go towards armor, 4WDs, medicine, clothing, and the rest of the things our boys need at the frontline.

We know very well what we are doing in the e-commerce field. And recent events are keeping us extremely motivated; to quickly deliver quality solutions; to keep your business going;

To keep our business going; so we can continue saving lives.

Glory to Ukraine!

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  • ERP/CRM/OMS/WMS integrations
  • Server speed optimizations
  • Custom feeds, integrations, non-standard payment gateway/processor integrations
  • Catalog setup & configuration; cleanup & reconfiguration following the best practices
  • Advanced security monitoring, patching & server security upgrades & server configuration
  • Active business monitoring, integration monitoring, fall-over configs & auto-recovery implementation
  • Magento 1/2 implementation & upgrades, optimizations, code reviews, code cleanup
  • 24/7 world wide support & assistance
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